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Krank is a cycle and strength fitness studio located in the heart of Green Hills. Our mission is to be the most efficient hour of your day.  Lights down! Music Up! – Krank up another fitness level.

Find Your Motivation
January 24, 2017

Some KrankFIT instructors are doing The Whole30 this month. Doesn’t sound familiar? The 30-day nutritional program that “pushes the reset button,” (Yes, some...
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The Importance of Being Ready
January 10, 2017

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” - Ben Franklin, but probably also someone on Twitter. Here at KrankFIT we. go. HARD. The intensity of the workout is one of...
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Setting You Up For Success - Keeping Your Resolution
January 3, 2017

New Year's resolutions have become a running gag in our world because few people can stick to their goals consistently. Without the right tools going in, though, who can...
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5:30 AM (1 hr)
Cycle (S.J. Hill)
6:00 AM (45 min)
Krank Strength-45 (Danny Hirtler)
7:00 AM (50 min)
Cycle-50 (Campbell Anne Mobley)
8:30 AM (1 hr)
Cycle (Rhandee Gortney)
9:30 AM (1 hr)
Krank Strength (Rhandee Gortney)
4:30 PM (50 min)
Cycle-50 (Barrett Freibert)
5:30 PM (50 min)
Cycle-50 (Campbell Anne Mobley)
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6:30 PM (1 hr)
30/30 (Blake Brown)
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Kick your workout into high gear with Krank's monthly mix of favorite songs.

Meet Nikki Jo Boston

I was born and raised in a small town in Florida. I grew up with a strong cheerleading and gymnastics background. Entering college, I became an instructor for the Universal Cheerleaders Association, and later spent three years as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. I have always loved sweating it out in the gym; but, I became increasingly bored with my cardio routine. While endurance training for football games in the Florida heat and recovering from a series of ACL injuries, I found my love for indoor cycling. I instantly became addicted to the music, the atmosphere, and the incredible high of …

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