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Krank is a cycle and strength fitness studio located in the heart of Green Hills. Our mission is to be the most efficient hour of your day.  Lights down! Music Up! – Krank up another fitness level.

6 Tips for An Amazing Core
November 28, 2016

Peace, Love Core: 6 Tips for An Amazing Core We’re all striving toward similar #fitnessgoals, right? We’d all love to rock the toned core of a Sports Illustrated model,...
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All Planks Are Not Created Equal
November 9, 2016

All Planks Are Not Created Equal By Danny Hirtler NASM CPT CES MMACS Planks. They’re a staple of just about any decent core workout and for a good reason; when...
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5 Recovery Tips to Improve Training Endurance
November 8, 2016

For all the hours we spend each week lifting and pedaling our butts off (literally), how much time do we take to recover? The truth is, pushing the envelope puts stress...
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5:30 AM (1 hr)
30/30 (Danny Hirtler)
6:00 AM (50 min)
Cycle-50 (Adam Denison)
8:30 AM (1 hr)
30/30 (Adam Denison)
9:30 AM (50 min)
Cycle-50 (Nikki Jo Boston)
4:30 PM (50 min)
Cycle-50 (Campbell Anne Mobley)
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5:30 PM (50 min)
Cycle-50 (Annie Hickox)
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6:00 PM (1 hr)
Krank Strength (Dawn Doll)
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6:30 PM (50 min)
Cycle-50 (Nikki Jo Boston)
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Kick your workout into high gear with Krank's monthly mix of favorite songs.

Elizabeth Peterson

Meet Elizabeth Peterson

Once a collegiate swimmer, Elizabeth got the itch to teach cycling classes when her swim coach sent her to indoor cycling classes for more conditioning. She got certified the second she was done swimming and has never looked back! “My love affair with fitness is never ending. My passion is to encourage people to be better. No matter what, you can always better yourself with more energy, more sweat, and more soul. My hope for you is that every class is up-lifting and you push yourself just a little bit further than you thought possible. You will be smiling, sweating, …

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