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Theme Ride Week

May 8, 2016

Theme ride week is here, y’all! Join us for some incredibly fun classes! Check out the theme rides below and stay tuned for even more being added!


Monday 9:30am Cycle – Nikki Boston – “Songs you don’t play in School Hook-Up”
Monday 4:30pm Cycle-50 – Bethany – “Let It Burn”
Tuesday 5:30am Cycle – SJ “Movie Music”
Tuesday 8:30am Cycle – Rhandee “Boy Bands vs Girl Bands”
Tuesday 5:30pm Cycle-50 – Jaclyn “Not Your Grandma’s Ride”
Wednesday 4:30pm Cycle-50 – Blake’s “Techno Ride”
Wednesday 6:30pm Cycle-50 – Hannah “Boy Bands”
Thursday 8:30am Cycle – SJ “Movie Music”
Thursday 5:30pm Cycle-50 – Faith “Lemonade”
Friday 5:30pm Cycle-50 – Bethany “Dance, Dance, Dance”
Saturday 8am Cycle – Adam “Power Hour 60 songs in 60 minutes
Saturday 9:30am Cycle – Rhandee “Boy Bands vs Girl Bands”
Sunday 9:30am Cycle-50 – Jaclyn “Krank Rave”

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