Krank Cycle Studio

Rhandee Gortney

Rhandee has been teaching cycling and bootcamps since her junior year of college. With the newly introduced stress of college and balancing real life, she found solitude in working out and motivating others.

After studying marketing and health promotions and moving to NYC to pursue her business career, she found herself still craving exercise. "I often wondered while sitting at my desk if I could ever turn my hobby into a career," she says. The answer was yes!

Rhandee has been personal training and teaching in Nashville for almost two years. Encouraging and motivating others has become more than just a passion, it's become a way of life.

"My biggest reward is seeing and hearing others hit their fitness goals. Not only do they excel as athletes, their confidence and entire life outlook changes for the better. I am constantly pushing myself to become a stronger, faster and better athlete."

Favorite Exercises? Running, Cycling and Weightlifting.
Can't Live Without? A Hair Tie, Tennis Shoes and Pedicures!

2148 Bandywood Drive  •  Nashville, TN 37215