Krank Cycle Studio

Kurtis Taylor

Kurtis Taylor was born in South Bend, Indiana and spent much of his life moving around. Kurtis lived in Connecticut for about 13 years, while there he attend the University of Connecticut where he ran cross country and track. Unfortunately he got injured his senior year, and that is when he developed a passion for teaching and began to explore other areas of fitness. He got heavily into cycling, lifting, and CrossFit, and that is the experience that he brings to Krank and Nashville.

Getting injured in college might have one of the better things to have happened to Kurtis. It was because of that injury, he decided to focus on other importnat aspects of fitness in his life.  Kurtis quickly learned that it was much better to be well rounded and not focus too heavily on one area of fitness. Taking the time to learn and study proper lifting technique and blending that with his endurance background you'll find that his 30/30 and Krank Strength classes will more than challenge you.

From the up tempo and high energy music to the complex functional movements, from TRX to Sand Bag you are sure to leave sweating and wanting more. "An hour is only 4% of your day, so come by and see how it feels to give it your all!"

2148 Bandywood Drive  •  Nashville, TN 37215