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KRANK NASHVILLE is Nashville’s first indoor cycling studio. Krank’s passion is building lifelong commitments to working out. Krank takes the stress of the day! Krank takes the desire to be stronger and leaner.  Drop into the saddle and bring it to a meditative and challenging ride. Push through a 50 second interval of strength with a soundtrack of soul bumping music; leaving you lighter and invested in a total body workout. 


1. Small Group Personal Training. It's about form and quality. 

2. Strength Driven workout that has great cardio value. 

3. All moves are progressive. We don't count (reps), we use the greatest motivation - INTERVALS.

4. The workouts are challanging but we modifies for any level! Every "body" is welcome. 

5. You gotta goal? Bring it. Achieve it. 


We didn’t recruit our instructors because of how their abs look.  They’re here because they love to inspire and encourage people to dig deeper, get stronger and push beyond what they thought they could do. Our desire is that your new found strength carries into the rest of your life.  If you need a movement modification, they can do that too. When you’re here, it’s about what YOU can do.  It’s YOU against last week’s YOU.  What seemed impossible last month has become your new reality.