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Valerie Poile

Valerie caught the fitness bug at the age of 5 when her mother enrolled her in gymnastics due to her extremely clumsy nature. After only a few short months she was cart wheeling, walking on her hands and spent most of her childhood upside down in competitive gymnastics.

“My passion is sharing my commitment with others and to help them learn that being in great shape is more than just having a good body…you can heal yourself from the outside in. You will become happier, healthier and feel better prepared for what the day might bring.”

Valerie began instructing group fitness classes her senior year at Belmont and never dreamed she’d still be teaching 16 years later. She says, “It’s rewarding to lift someone’s spirit, improve his or her body composition or help boost their confidence. When the music and class comes together there’s no better feeling…so much energy engulfs the room when you have people working together towards one common goal.”

Fortunately a healthy lifestyle started very early in her life…but she says her experience as a fitness educator has taught her that it’s never too late to start.