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Sarah Jane Hill

Sarah-Jane moved to Nashville from Los Angeles after working in the entertainment industry for 15 years. She looked around and thought, “what makes me feel really good about my day.”  So, she became certified as a personal trainer and in 6 months was traveling around the world with a client trying out all the cycle, yoga, pilates, boxing, training studios one could imagine.

When she had her twin boys Henley and Levon in 2010, Nashville was becoming a very exciting place to be and make things happen. She wanted in! Sarah-Jane was training her now partner Kelly Dunn. The two of them knocked their creative heads together and BOOM! Krank Nashville opened February 2012! Their goal is to bring a sense of community and passion into working out. No numbers on the scale at Krank, just a mind blowing work out to free you soul and body.

As an instructor Sarah-Jane focuses on release. Music is a great inspiration to her in cycle. Channeling mind and body is such a feat everyday. Music has the power to help you up a big hill, through a weighted sprint and off the bike to attack the day! Lights down, music up, quality of form — then just let go and be stronger.

Krank Strength is her passion. A better push-up, squat lunge or things you never thought you could like a pull up, she wants you to find a way. Every hour she teaches is full of knowledge to make your better in your daily life. Helping and encouraging clients to be more confident in their fitness journey can never make a bad day.