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Mark Allyn Nimmo

Mark Allyn Nimmo grew up on the East Coast in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He attended a performing arts high school, where he learned to appreciate the beauty of human movement. After graduating, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to explore his passion for classical ballet.

Mark is quickly becoming one of Nashville’s most promising young personal trainers and is NASM certified. He curently teaches group personal training classes as well as other group-based fitness classes at Krank Nashville.

Striving to expand his knowledge of the fitness and nutrition industry, he is working toward a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science through the California University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Wellness and Fitness.

Mark holds his spinning instructor certification with Madd Dog Athletics and Schwinn as well as a certification with TRX for suspention training and group suspention training. He finds joy in helping members of his community achieve both their personal, mental and physical wellness goals.

As a former professional ballet dancer, Mark brings musicality, athletic intensity, and inspirational coaching to each individual in every single class. He uses his dance background to take you on a musical journey that will leave you asking, “Has it been an hour already?”  Now don’t be fooled, this is not your mothers fitness class; you will be empowered to accomplish things you never thought you could do before. He believes that everyone has the power to achieve greatness; all he asks is that you show up with an open heart and mind and ready to sweat!

Mark has availability to add more group personal training classes and one-on-one personal training clients.