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Danny Hirtler

All this happened, more or less. Danny was born and raised in a small town in Austria and grew up in Vienna. He moved to the United States when he was 16, and spent the first 10 years in North Carolina before moving to Nashville. As a child he displayed an almost impressive resistance to Austria’s national sport of skiing, and to this day is one of only 8 able bodied Austrians that can’t ski (it’s true, don’t google it)

Growing up Danny constantly struggled with weight issues, and after high school decided to turn things around. He took an interest in Soccer, Mixed Martial Arts and Rock Climbing, activities he still enjoys today.

In addition to sports he also took up acting and standup comedy which led him to spend a few years traveling all around the Southeast. After realizing his passion for entertaining people and being the center of attention was second only to his passion for fitness he decided to find a way to combine the two. Today he works as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor at various facilities and is loving life in Nashville.

He holds his personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as a Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist certification through them. In addition he also has two TRX Suspension Trainer certifications and a TRX Rip Trainer certification.