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Barrett Freibert

Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Barrett has lived in Newport, RI, New York City, Orlando, FL, and now Nashville, TN. No matter where Barrett lives, she feels most at home when she knows where to get a serious sweat. From Ashtanga yoga and barre to strength training and cycling, Barrett loves trying new things and challenging not only her body, but her mind and spirit too.

Mind over matter. I am a firm believer that the hardest part of the workout is getting there. After that, exercise becomes a habit for some and an outlet for many.  Having worked in high stress corporate positions in the past, I have found that when I follow my passions, everything falls into place. I love to be inspired and inspire others whether it be through poetry, music, self-improvement, or exercise.

Barrett’s passion for music brought her to Nashville and Krank allows her to fuse two of her favorite things; music and exercise. Barrett builds her classes around the music, because it has the power to push students past their comfort zone. Barrett’s goal for every class is for students to sweat out the stress, to breathe in all things positive, and to be their best selves.