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We love to hear from our clients...well, most of the time:)  So please give us your feedback at .  If you have a testimonial you'd like to share, we'll post it here too.


Krank's workout classes are some of my very favorite to take: high energy, focused, attentive instructors, fun music, and envigoratingly challenging.  What I love most is that you'll never do the same workout twice: Krank classes mix it up every time, cycle classes are more creative and different from anywhere I've ever taken, and each instructor brings his/her own panache & vibe to the workout.  Great for newbies and experienced atheletes alike!

Mindy Grimes


KRANK is a quick, intense, full body workout in an hour. What's nice is you are pushed but yet it can be done at your own pace. KRANK is not like any other gym and definitely worth every trip!

Tyler Charlton


"I have done tons of exercise classes and none of them can rival Sarah Jane's Krank and Spin classes . It is the ultimate workout and she is the ultimate motivator. One class is never the same, and there is always great music playing, so you never get bored. If you are looking for a challenge and ready to take your fitness to the next level all while having fun, I can't recommend Krank enough!"

Liza Canale


The most intense, invigorating workout to date. No two work outs are the same which keeps you stimulated.  High energy and motivating instructors with great music.

Carey Nelson Burch


I am so happy to have Krank Nashville here!  I have been looking for a cardio blast and to shake up my normal workouts.  I tried Hot Box and bootcamps/classes at the Y but nothing really drew me in like Krank.  The Krank classes are small and are different each time, which keeps me interested and is a constant challenge to me physically. The spin classes are fun (and I normally don't enjoy spin) and unlike any spin class I've taken before incorporating upper body and core work throughout the class.  The enthusiasm and encouragement that is ever flowing from the staff also makes for a great environment to work, sweat, and change my body.  I have been attending several classes weekly and can already see a change in my body.  VERY excited to have them in Green Hills and look forward to many more workouts!

Liz Miller


"Let me start by saying, I am a single mother of two and run my own business, Trace Skin Care. I know and believe exercise benefits the mind, body, soul, and skin! I had taken 3 years off from exercising as of about 3 weeks ago when I joined in on Krank's classes.

The cycling is amazing ...takes 3 times and your muscle memory kicks in. It's all about enjoying the ride.

The krank interval classes are all about variation and challenging your own body with many fun different pieces of equipment like sand bags, ugi balls, jump ropes etc....There are no mirrors, no clocks, and everything is timed, so no time for boredom. The music rocks. The instructors rock. I've never felt so comfortable in a work out environment, encouraged, and supported.

I was able to bring my children one day to the krank interval class...they had fun watching and seeing Mama sweat and struggle. My daughter asked me, "Mama, why are you all of a sudden working out?" And as I thought about it, I compared that hour for me to the hour she gets every day in PE at USN. I hope I set a good example for my children in that they will and should take PE with them beyond their school years to help support their body, mind, and soul.

Exercising is viewed in our household the same way as eating's good for our body. We never talk about weight. We talk about our abdomen, biceps, triceps, and leg muscles. We talk about strength! Thanks Krank for making me feel better about my own strength, helping me with my low back issues, and helping me set a good example for my children and patients...and for allowing 'drop ins' last minute as this works great with my work schedule!"

Tracey Robinson