Networking with a Workout "For Real Sweat Equity"

The "power lunch" is being replaced by the power workout as a way to close deals with clients according to a N.Y. Times article.  A "sweatworking" indoor cycling or yoga class is a refreshing and healthier choice to dinner or drinks with clients who have already been wined and dined all week.  But don't show up in your grungy sweats and weekend gardening t-shirt.  To make sure you're sweating in style you better be sportin' your Lululemon- dress for sweaty success.

You can keep the nightclub atmosphere of dim lights and high energy music with an indoor cycling class (at Krank of course), just without the cocktails.  Even better, check the schedule for the Happy Hour Rides we'll start offering in late January.  If you're looking for a calmer, quieter environment, it may be time to "Man Up and Mat Down" with a yoga class to bring added serenity and focus to the table.  The "sweatworkers" from the article, "For Real Sweat Equity", said that working out with their clients developed greater respect, intimacy and trust. 

Get healthier, stand out from your competitors and close more deals!  Healthy, wealthy and wise...



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