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The Krank Cycling Difference

One of the most common questions we get is "How is it Cycling different than Spinning?"  The term "Spinning" is actually trademarked by Mad Dogg Athletics and refers to their method of indoor cycling.  Mad Dogg was a pioneer of indoor


cycling and made it so popular that "Spinning" has become a household name but we really can't call our class that unless we teach it the Mad Dogg way.

The accurate term is "indoor cycling" but that doesn't sound very sexy, does it.  Our Indoor Cycling Class is a great ride but also includes a 10 minute interval of high repetition arm and ab work,.

The cycling room at Krank is much like the popular cycling studios in other cities (Soul Cycle, Flywheel) but unlike any other in Nashville.  The room is pie shaped so all of the bikes can be directed toward the instructor, and has a hefty sound system that you'll feel in your bones.  The class is taught in near complete darkness, allowing all to focus on their own ride without distraction. 

So if you're looking for a "spin" class in Nashville, you must try our Indoor Cycling Class. Or if you're really up for something new, try our Cycle with a Krank for an amazing cardio and strength combo.

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