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Buying Indoor Cycling Shoes

Want to be like all the cool kids toting in their own spin shoes? Well, a good pair of cycling shoes used indoor can last forever. What to choose?

1. SPD clips are the most common in cycling studios. So that's the best bet! You can purchase Road or Mountain clips. 

2. Some shoes come with the cleat embedded in tread. That way you can walk around instaed of tip toeing on the cleat. Be sure to notice what kind of sole the shoes has before purchase. You don't have to buy them with tread. Some of the best shoes have a very flat hard sole where the cleat sit out from the shoe.

3. The harder the shoes themselves, the better support. Stay away from the shoes that look like regular tennis shoes. Velcro straps allow you to loosen or tighten your shoe quickly, even in class if you feel like you are wiggling around. There are these cool cranks that tighten laces that look like fishing line---those work really well just like Velcro!

4. Just like a GOOD RUNNING SHOE, there is a sweet balance. You don't want your shoe too loose or your poor toes are slamming into the top...But too snug doesn't give for the way a foot normally expands during exercise. Oooouch. So be sure to try on a couple and walk around.

Want more tips on Indoor Cycling Shoes? Come check out one of our Indoor Full Body Cycling classes at Krank Nashville to talk to any of our knowledgable trainers. 

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