things you should know

First Time:

  • Schedule your first class online.

  • “First Time” package has 2 classes!

  • Arrive 15 minutes early so we can set you up for a great class.

Krank Facts:

  • Bikes are SPD

  • TRX Premiere Studio

  • Cycle Shoes come with class

  • Towels provided

  • Filter water

  • Changing rooms

  • Showers with everything you need



Cycle (cardio)

Ok it’s not your average spin class. It’s the most addictive ride and ANY FITNESS LEVEL IS WELCOME! Lights down! Music bumping! One hour to let the day go and get INTO your fitness journey. Our diverse trainers dive into musical grooves that send you into the zone. It’s all about the music! The OBJECTIVE is quality, from form, to intensity, to recovery — out of the box rides that will take you to another level. Riders work not just their legs, but the core, arms and always the bum! Put yourself in our hands! With passion for a good sweat–we won’t steer you wrong. Any questions, concerns, song requests? Talk to your trainer. At the end of the day, we want you to know success.


Krank Strength (power)

Class size is small – limited to 10 people, so in truth KRANK STRENGTH is small group personal training. That’s the way we want it to feel. Your trainer’s objective is quality of form and performance. Because we use timed intervals and every exercise is CLOSELY MODIFIED FOR EVERY LEVEL, every CLIENT is challenged and finds goals for success. Interval training is a proven way to build lean muscle and bust out calories. KRANK STRENGTH primarily uses your body weight for resistance, but we love the TRX, Sandbags, Equalizers, weights and Plyo Boxes. With so many toys and just and hour, no workout is ever the same. It’s time to take your fitness journey out of the box to challenge and build your muscle inside and out!


30/30 (cardio/power)

30 minutes of CYCLE followed by 30 minutes KRANK STRENGTH or in REVERSE….see what your body has been missing!!