About Krank

Krank Nashville is Nashville’s first indoor cycling studio.  This is not your average Rhandee superherospin class.  The room is dark, the music is uplifting and the ride will inspire you for the rest of your day as you push yourself beyond whatever has been holding you back, and leave your stress (and calories) in the saddle.  This one hour workout includes 10 minutes of high rep core and arms for a full body, cardio experience.

If you’re really up for something new, try our Cycle with a Krank class for an amazing cardio and strength combo.

What is a Krank class?

Krank is a powerful, addictive workout.  Our signature class is a high intensity, full body, interval workout using TRX, sandbags, Halo Bells, UGI balls, Equalizer’s and a Mindy.superherolot of gravity.  It’s strength building at a cardio pace. Please don’t call it a bootcamp….this is KRANK.

We also offer Krank Lite.  It’s the same awesome workout, just slower. More movement, more descriptions and more time to do them for a more powerful you.

It’s Your Workout…

We didn’t recruit our krankologists because of how their abs look.  They’re here Stacy. superherobecause they love to inspire and encourage people to dig deeper, get stronger and push beyond what they thought they could do. Our desire is that your new found strength carries into the rest of your life.  If you need a movement modification, they can do that too. When you’re here, it’s about what YOU can do.  It’s YOU against last week’s YOU.  What seemed impossible last month has become your new reality.


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