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Instructor Rhandee Gortney talks Strength

March 7, 2016

Strength is my favorite form of exercise. I crave the intensity, the variety, the changes in my body, and the confidence it creates. I have been to many strength classes in Nashville but I can’t help but to continually take Krank strength classes. I love how each strength class at Krank I know I am getting full body and some variation of cardio intervals. So on the days I am sore, it’s ok, I can still go and get sore all over again! The repetitions against the clock challenge me to keep going. The changes I see in the bodies that come in as beginners and then turn into regulars, are outstanding. When I am consistent with strength, my arms stay leaner, I can run faster, sprint harder and longer on the bike, my back tweaks less, and my exercise pants get more compliments. Even more amazing is the energy and success I feel after each class. Noticing that I can now do more pull-ups and hold my plank an extra minute is rewarding and makes my heart happy. I have changed the way I approach strength for myself and my clients. Variation is key, alternating between heavy weights and intervals keeps it interesting, watching the body change is rewarding and seeing the confidence break out of its shell is…well, that may be the best part.

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