January 26, 2016


We are lucky enough to have some incredible instructors that are doing amazing things both inside & outside of Krank! Meet Faith Benson, who has launched FB+Food, a food delivery service here in Nashville! We are so excited about this service & can’t wait to get some delicious & healthy meals delivered to our doorsteps. Read what Faith has to say about FB+Food and check out her website here.

Faith on FB+Food

I’ve always been passionate about food. From the time I first laid eyes on a chocolate frosted doughnut, to all the days that my hands were stained the unnatural shade of orange that can only come from wading chest-deep through a pool of Cheetos, food and I have walked a long and winding road together.

When I became a fitness instructor in college, I was 35 pounds heavier and felt 100 times sicker. I took the classic “treat yo’ self” mentality to another level once I was Spinning 5 times per week and “could eat anything I wanted.” It wasn’t until my senior year that I had to be honest with myself and come to terms with the fact that the “food” I was putting into my body wasn’t food at all. I bought myself a juicer and a couple of pots and pans, and the rest is history.

Well, not really.

Cooking for other people is my love language, but cooking for myself took (and still takes) a massive adjustment in the way I love myself. Living with and cooking for two roommates helped me to realize that I can still love on people by making them delicious and comforting food, but the real love comes from nurturing them from the inside.

FB+Food was born from the passion I found in not only making other people’s lives easier, but also in showing them that nurturing, good-for-you food can be less of a headache and more of a joy.

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