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single arm TRX lungeWe have created our own approach to group fitness with our signature “Krank” class- a full body, interval based workout.  The exercises vary from class to class but the elements are made up of TRX, UGI Balls, Halo Bells, Equalizers, sandbags, step boxes and your own bodyweight.

Krank is more like group training compared to the typical large group fitness classesEqualizers in Krank Class you find at bigger gyms, with classes made up of 5-8 people, allowing the instructor to pay more attention to form and modify the exercises when necessary to change the level of difficulty for someone in the class.

Krank is an hour long mix of cardio and strength in an interval based class.  You may do 45 seconds of TRX rows with a 15 second rest, UGI woodchopper in Krankfollowed by 45 seconds of zig zags with the Equalizers and so on.  How many you do in the given time is up to you.  This week you may only get 8 reps but 2 weeks from now you’re getting 12 reps in the same time limit.  The instructor sets the pace but you do what is appropriate for your fitness level.

In addition to Krank classes, we also offer indoor cycling (spinning) classes unlike anywhere in Nashville.  We are actually Nashville’s first indoor cycling studio, on par with studios like Soul Cycle and Flywheel.  The room is dark, the music is loud and the energy is high.Cycle Class at Krank

Our Cycle with a Krank class is an awesome combination of these two classes, starting with 30 minutes of indoor cycling and then going to 30 minutes of Krank.  These classes have become big favorites with our clients and we’ll have more class combinations coming to our schedule this Fall.