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In our efforts to keep things moving and shaking, we’ve added a new element to the Krank workout called the Equalizer by Lebert Fitness.  The Equalizer is a very versatile tool foEqualizers in Krank 1r body weight resistance exercises.  Upper body exercises include push-ups, dips and rows which can all be modified for various strengtEQ. in Krank 2h levels.  Leg exercises include lunges, hip extensions and inner and outer thigh movements.  We’re also using the Equalizers for stability drills and core exercises like planks, knee ups and the core run.

You don’t have to be a Krank star to benefit from the Equalizer.  Like all of our movements, Equalizer exercises can be modified for any level of fitness, from the beginner to the athlete.

The photos were taken by fellow Kranker Tim Adams.  Thanks Tim.